Kestrel - HS4000:

Ketrel arrived in 1999 and entered service in 2000. Kestrel is mechanically similar to all her sisters, but was (and maybe still is) when she arrived the only diesel working model of the legendary Hawker Sidley Kestrel. Our engine even received permission from Hawker Sidley (as well as a full detailed report on how they built the "big" real one) to have the company logo on her side. It was amazing (and still is) how many people have come to see her since she arrived at the SNBR. For this very reason a special gala was organised to celebrate her first birthday at the SNBR, with a staggering line up of sister Mardyke engines turning up to enjoy the show. Kestrel remains the most popular engine with enthusiasts, and is very popular with our smaller public (its the shiny yellow paint!). Kestrel, along with Sir Goss from the steam fleet has certainly been to a few places and events since her arrival. The list includes Eastleigh Lakeside Railway and Pecorama. Kestrel was repainted in 2003/4 to a more accurate reflection of her big sister, but with a lack of any real paint documentation it is all a lot of guess work.

In 2013 the railway made the decision to renovate the insides of the engine to match the new Mardyke locomotives, the "new" Kestrel Entered passenger service in July 2014. The decision was made as all the old Mardyke fleet are life expired, and in particular key components are no longer made. To that end, all her remaining "insides" will be used in keeping Tulyar going in original form for as long as possible.

Picture of Kestrel

Kestrel on one of her days out!

Kestrel on the main line

Kestrel passing the SNCF

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