This loco is intended a test bed for ideas to improve the design of the existing diesel fleet. It is anticipated that any improvements will be incorporated in the specification of future locos.
Like the mythical bird from which it takes its name, it is likely to be reborn with different features.
The basic chassis is an old Mardyke one which started life under the Kestrel body, itís body originated as old concept version of a Eurostar body, but has been extensively re-modelled.
Itís first task is to test a new type of hydraulic pump with a view to replacing the existing ones in use with the hope improving reliability and drivability.
Improvements to the drive chain protection will be the next item on the list to be worked on.
It was first used on 8 Aug 2015 to help run the service.
Being made from primarily the old Kestrel, the builders liked the name Phoenix, which seems to have stuck to her so far, although she entered service with no name plates.

Pictures of Phoenix

First day in use

Phoenix coming out of the loco shed

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